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Friday, March 7, 2014

How does God want you to fast? Listen to His voice and not your own - Daily Bible Reflections March 7,2014

They worship me every day, claiming that they are eager to know my ways and obey my laws. – Isaiah 58:2
I have always been underweight. As far as I can remember, I’ve tried all sorts of vitamins and minerals, even Chinese medicine. I even had to incorporate chocolates in my diet. How? When I was a teenager, I had to eat chocolates after every meal. The doctor said that I could eat whatever I wanted, and he even prescribed iron, vitamin C, B complex, and other letters of the alphabet. I had to painstakingly take three to four supplements a day. My generous grandmother provided me with the treats after every meal. Nothing happened. I was — and still am — as thin and flimsy as an angel fish.
       I had been faithfully fasting since 2003 when I first joined a community in Makati. So when Bro. Bo Sanchez advised the community that underweight people are not supposed to fast from food, my heart was crushed, and every inch of my body was asking why. Well, medically speaking, I knew the answer, but deep down during my prayer time, God impressed upon me that I should still fast from something as basic as food. Why? Because I learned something as basic as self-control. Ems Sy Chan (havenofleeanne@yahoo.com)
Reflection: How does God want you to fast? Listen to His voice and not your own.
May our sacrifice be pleasing and acceptable in Your eyes, O Lord.
Sts. Perpetua and Felicity, martyrs, pray for us.

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