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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Allow God’s grace to open your eyes and see the works He has promised - Daily Bible Reflections March 30,2014

Fourth Sunday of Lent
It is so that the works of God might be made visible through him. – John 9:3
I wanted to be a priest. Actually, I found it cool to be called Brother Leo and to live a missionary life serving God. Then a priest friend convinced me to seek a higher vocation by joining them if I had really heard God’s call.
       So when I announced to my parents a few days after my elementary graduation that I wanted to become a priest, you could almost hear a pin drop.
       With teary eyes from a mixture of joy and sadness, my parents agreed. A few days before entering the seminary, they changed their minds. I respected their decision and closed the chapter to my priestly vocation. Years went by until I experienced a life-changing crisis that led me to the Light of Jesus Family. Miracles healed and restored me, and I eventually started to reap blessing after blessing.
       In gratitude, I volunteered in various liturgical ministries, served in cause-oriented missions and have been saying yes to God’s call. Since then, I’ve been living a missionary life serving God just the way He had wanted me to. Surprisingly, every time I serve, people call me Brother Leo. Leo Villarico (leovrico@yahoo.com)
Reflection: Have you examined your intentions if they are according to God’s purpose? Allow God’s grace to open your eyes and see the works He has promised.
Lord, we surrender ourselves to Your divine purpose. Lead us not by sight but by faith, not in our own comfortable time but in Your perfect time, and purify my intentions for Your greater glory.
St. Peter Regalado, pray for us.

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