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Monday, July 1, 2013

Daily Bible Reflections - July 1,2013


“Teacher, I will follow you wherever you go.” – Matthew 8:19
One day, I was reading the genealogy of Jesus. It was quite impressive. It included heavyweights of the Bible. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, and so on. But inserted in various places were four surprising characters: Tamar, Bathsheba, Ruth and Rahab.
       Tamar slept with her father-in-law. Her story is so distasteful (see Genesis 38). The second woman is Bathsheba, an adulteress. Next was Ruth, a Moabite widow. To the Jews, she meant bad luck, a foreigner who was not favored by God. And finally, there was Rahab, a prostitute.
       Here’s my question: Couldn’t God have selected better women to be in Jesus’ bloodline? Perhaps a woman who didn’t cheat on her husband? Or who didn’t sell her body? A woman who was responsible, disciplined and mature?
       But that’s how God operates. If God found these four women good enough to be in Jesus’ lineage, He can really use anyone. God isn’t interested in where you came from but where you’re going. He’s not interested in what you did but in what you’re going to do. He’s not interested in how you’ve failed Him in your past but in how you’ll follow and serve Him in your future. Bo Sanchez (bosanchez@kerygmafamily.com)
Reflection: Does your personal history hinder you from following Jesus? Reflect on the stories of the four women in the Bible.
Lord, help me to trust in my worth. Help me to believe that in Your eyes, I am worthy to follow You.
Blessed Junipero Serra, pray for us.

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