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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Daily Bible Reflections - July 8,2013


“Of everything you give me, I will faithfully return a tenth part to you.” – Genesis 28:22
I didn’t use to tithe faithfully. Although I grew up in a Catholic community since I was a teen, I didn’t give tithing much importance, even when I became a full-time mission worker. Giving 10 percent of my meager missionary allowance to the Lord didn’t make much sense to me at that time. (Ssshh! Don’t tell my leaders!)
       Don’t get me wrong. I did tithe but not regularly. However, when my boyfriend and I got engaged, we decided to start tithing faithfully, no matter what. (My fiancé, now my husband, also works full-time for our community.)
       It’s been eight years since we made that decision and we’re still tithing as faithfully as we can. Although it can be quite challenging, especially now that we have kids to raise, we have seen how God faithfully provides.
       His grace is sufficient. With Him, we can say that we are truly rich! (That’s mostly why my blog is named Truly Rich Mom!) Tina Santiago-Rodriguez (teachermamatina@gmail.com)
Reflection: “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given you besides” (Matthew 6:33). When you tithe, you are “seeking first the kingdom of God.” Believe that He will provide for you always.
Lord, thank You for all Your blessings and gifts. Help me to be faithful in trusting in Your abundant provision.
St. Gregory Grassi and Companions, pray for us.

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