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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Who are the people whom God wants you to talk to about Him? - Daily Bible Reflections July 24,2013


“A sower went out to sow.” – Matthew 13:3
Jonah was a faithful prophet of God. Whenever God spoke, he announced it to His people. But one night, God told him to speak to Nineveh, a sinful city. For Jonah, he knew that if he speaks and they repent, God would forgive them. He didn’t think they deserved forgiveness so he initially ran away from God’s call.     Our Nineveh today can be the people whom God wants us to talk to about Him. Maybe He asks us to correct that person’s wrongdoing. Or maybe it’s just to remind that person that God loves him or her.
       There are times when we don’t obey for different reasons: fear of rejection; political incorrectness; the person knew us before our encounter with God and talking about Him might freak them out; or, just like Jonah, we think they don’t deserve the mercy of God.
       But all of us are called to be prophets of God in the sense of being proclaimers of His Word or sowers of His messages. We have been given the seeds, and the Owner of the land has instructed us to sow. At the end of the day, either we go back to the Owner with a full sack or an empty one as we have sown regardless of where the seeds may fall. Emmanuel Calayan (emmanuel_calayan@yahoo.com)
Reflection: Who are the people whom God wants you to talk to about Him?
Lord, grant me an obedient and courageous heart that I may obey when You instruct me to share Your love.
St. Sharbel Makhlouf, pray for us.

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