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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Daily Bible Reflections - July 9,2013


Jacob said, “I have seen God face-to-face.” – Genesis 32:31
I have a friend who always complains. He always gripes that he’s at the receiving end of unfair treatment or surrounded by incompetent nincompoops. But I don’t believe he just happens to be the unluckiest person in the world.
       In reality, the way we perceive others is a reflection of how we see ourselves. Our insecurities, fears, defects and guilt manifest in the way we relate to other people. That’s why the insecure always find fault in others, the guilty are judgmental, and the unloved are unnecessarily harsh.
       To change the people around us, we need to change ourselves. Look at your innermost self and confront the monsters lurking inside. Scary, isn’t it? We refuse to do this because we are driven by the fear of being found unacceptable when we show our true selves.
       Understanding God’s unwavering love for us helps us to accept our true nature. We are all wonderfully made. No fault, no shortcoming and no past can ever change this. Accept His mercy and you’ll be surprised to see the changes it will bring to yourself and, by extension, to the people around you. Cecil Lim (cez_lim@yahoo.com)
Reflection: Why did Jacob see God in the person who hurt him, and the Pharisees see a demon in Jesus when He healed? It’s not what is apparent outside but what is perceived from within.
Lord, I will no longer wound myself [and others] with the thoughts and questions that have surrounded me like thorns: that is a penance You do not ask of me. (Thomas Merton)
St. Augustine Zhao Rong and Companions, pray for us.

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