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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Daily Bible Reflections May 1, 2012

Feast of St. Joseph the Worker
The Most Beautiful Chopsticks
“The Father and I are one.” – John 10:30
One day, a couple and their little boy went to a concert of a top international pianist. The show was about to begin, so the couple quickly walked to their seats. They didn’t know that their little boy went straight to the stage.
There he saw a beautiful great grand piano. He slipped past through the curtain, sat on the bench, and marveled at the gleaming, ivory keys. Then the curtain pulled away. The audience thought he was part of the concert.
With his little hands, the boy began to play “Chopsticks” to the delight of the crowd. Then the boy felt two arms around him. The world-renowned master pianist stood behind him and began to play a Beethoven symphony adjusted to the “Chopsticks” melody. On the master’s cue, the 101-piece orchestra began to play along. It was the most beautiful rendition of “Chopsticks” the world had ever heard.
What made the difference?
The Master stepped in.
Even if you only know “Chopsticks,” play it anyway. Work with what you have. Be the best that you can be.
Because the Father stands behind you, His arms around you, creating a miracle in you. Bo Sanchez (bosanchez@kerygmafamily.com)
Is there anything that you are afraid to do? Trust that the Father is right behind you.
Father, help me to always be mindful that You are with me, anywhere I go and whatever I do.
St. Joseph the worker, pray for us.

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