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Monday, May 7, 2012

Spiritual Nourishment @ The Feast

Get Your Spiritual Nourishment
At The Feast Nearest You…
       Are you looking for uplifting, inspiring, encouraging food-for-the-soul? Then you must come to the Feast.
      Especially this May. Because this month, we’re starting a brand-new course at the Feasts in your area, entitled, LiveSavor. (See the poster below.)
       It has a very curious subhead. This Course is Dedicated To The Approval Addict, The Chronically Nice, The Spiritually Abused—And Everyone Else Under the Sun Who Need To Love Themselves More.
      Because of this Course, I believe that powerful inner healing will happen in many people’s lives. There’ll be 4 powerful Talks: 
Talk 1: Relax In God’s Love
Talk 2: Heal Your Shame
Talk 3: Practice Self-Care
Talk 4: Give Yourself The Gift of Limits
       For details on venues and time of the various Feasts all over the country and the world, please email Annie at feastsecretariat@yahoo.com.
       May your dreams come true,
       Bo Sanchez
PS. By the way, there’s no entrance fee at the Feasts. Just walk in and you’ll feel right at home. For more details, email Annie at feastsecretariat@yahoo.com.

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