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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It is your faith that moves Jesus - Daily Bible Reflections August 3, 2016


“O woman, great is your faith! Let it be done for you as you wish.” – Matthew 15:28
       A woman had a son who was far from the Lord. He was a womanizer and lived an immoral life that left his mother distressed. But instead of being discouraged and giving up on her son, she stayed close to him as she fasted and prayed.
       One night, he told her that he was going to say goodbye to a friend. Instead, he set sail to a faraway city. Discouraged, she followed him. When she arrived there, he had already gone, but she was determined to find him. In the next town, her wayward son met a bishop, with whom she also begged for prayers for her son. His mother continued to pray as the priest taught him the faith.
       At Easter, Augustine was baptized into Christianity after 17 years of persistent prayers from his mother. Thank God for St. Monica’s unrelenting faith! St. Augustine became a doctor of the Church and one of the greatest saints that ever lived.
       Are you in a similar situation? Take courage! Like the woman in today’s Gospel and the example of St. Monica, you can cry out to God and plead with Him, “Lord, help me!” Healing may happen in an instant, but it will happen. Keep praying because your miracle is on the way. Marjorie Ann Duterte (marjorie.travels@gmail.com)
Reflection: It is your faith that moves Jesus.
Lord, only say Your word and it will be done.
St. Peter Julian Eymard, pray for us.

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