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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Success is not built overnight. It’s all about starting slow and finishing strong, and starting small but finishing big - Daily Bible Reflections November 7,2015

“The person who is trustworthy in very small matters is also trustworthy in great ones.” – Luke 16:10
       Let me ask you something. Do you ever dream of giving away one million pesos?
       I do. But I’m still in the process of learning to give away one hundred thousand pesos.
       Before that, I learned to give away ten thousand pesos.
       And way before that, I had to learn to give away one thousand pesos first.
       Have you ever dreamed of being responsible for a hundredmillion-peso-business?
       Then learn to be responsible for a hundred-thousand-pesobusiness. But believe me when I tell you that before you even get there, you have to start being responsible for a thousand-pesobusiness first. And then God will allow you to work your way up.
       Do you want live a life without limits?
       Then learn to get out of your comfort zone, and keep at it. The next thing you know, God is already allowing you to live a life  without limits because He knows that you can handle it. Orange Garcia (orange_garcia@hotmail.com)
Reflection: Success is not built overnight. It’s all about starting slow and finishing strong, and starting small but finishing big.
Lord, give me the wisdom to become and remain a responsible and accountable steward.
St. Didacus, pray for us.

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