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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Have you been holding back in being a blessing to others? - Daily Bible Reflections November 6,2014

“There will be rejoicing among the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” – Luke 15:10
Let me share with you one extremely blessed day of my life. In the morning, I was invited to speak before seven- to 10-year-old children who were part of an international choir. Being the disciplined musicians that they were, everyone was behaved during my talk. As I preached about the love of God, I could see in their eyes the wonder of being loved by an all-powerful God. I left that place refreshed because of the purity of these little ones who serve the Lord.
       In the afternoon, I went to another special service in Muntinlupa — the Maximum Security Prison. There, I gave a recollection to 400 inmates. It was the same message: the love of God. As I shared, I saw hope gleaming in their eyes. During the recollection, I felt God Himself imparting hope to each of them even if most will never be able to get out of those prison walls. Many of them had life sentences.
        After my talk, the leader of the inmates asked everyone present to lay their hands on me. As they prayed, I was touched. I thought to myself, “These hands that were once used for evil are now being used to bless me in prayer.”
    My friend, God can use anyone. Including you. Arun Gogna (gognuts@yahoo.com)
Reflection: Have you been holding back in being a blessing to others?
Lord, use me so that many more may know of Your love.
St. Nicholas Travelic and Companions, pray for us.

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