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Monday, August 29, 2011

Daily Bible Reflections


“You must forget yourself, carry your cross, and follow me…” – Matthew 16:24

Tears rolled down from my eyes as I humbly said, “Yes, Lord, I surrender to Your will.” God asked me to leave the group where He used me to build from nothing to something. He used me to nurture them. I shed tears and endured difficulties for them. We had a stormy, joyful journey together.
God showed me my problem in surrendering — my attachment and fear of the unknown future.
A week later, I was emailing our heads the details of the group, endorsing to the new head servant and others taking over the ministry. I had a hard time sending it. There was no backing out.
In my heart, I was sad. I was letting go of something precious to me. But I was happy. I obeyed God. And I’m excited for the new experiences I’ll have with Him and the people He called to join us.
Dying to oneself happens as we follow God. It’s difficult to lose ourselves and submit our will to His, but it’s a small price for living in His divine will, enjoying freedom from selfishness and trusting in God. We become great blessing to others! Ma. Luisa A. De la Cruz ma_luisa2004@yahoo.com)

What is it that you have to surrender to God now? Will you let go and let Him bless others through you?

Dearest God, please humble me and help me to detach so I can surrender to Your will for me.

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