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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Daily Bible Reflections

August 20, 2011

“Do everything they tell you. But do not follow their example.” – Matthew 23:3

A parish priest baptizes an unmarried woman’s baby. It turns out that the priest is the father of the child. Shocking? The Catholic Church has been rocked with sex scandals in the past years. A number of preachers from other denominations have also figured in similar cases.
But what do you expect? These people are made of the same flesh and blood that we “mere mortals” are made of. Being “men of the cloth” doesn’t render them invincible to temptation. On the contrary, it makes them perfect targets for the evil one.
If we put our faith in our religious leaders, we will certainly be disappointed. Some people have even stopped going to church altogether because they got disillusioned with their spiritual head. But if we put our faith in the One who called these people, then we will never be let down. Only God is perfect. As long as we’re wrapped in this flesh and blood, we will always fail. Only Jesus survived this earth without sinning.
Yes, God has called these sinful people for His ministry. He can use these sinful people to spread the Gospel and bring His will to pass. That’s why He’s called God. Ronna Ledesma (ronnaledesma@email.com)
Let him who has no sin cast the first stone.

Lord, strengthen all our religious leaders against the wily tricks of the evil one.

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