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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Daily Bible Reflections

August 8, 2011

“But that we may not offend them...” – Matthew 17: 27

I read my assigned verses for today several times, but I could not come up with a reflection. So I prayed, “OK, Lord, what will we write about?” Then I relaxed on my seat and listened to soft music coming from our radio.
Just then, the music stopped to give way to a news update on the Bureau of Internal Revenue. It explained some taxes and who should pay them. I straightened up. Didn’t I just read Matthew’s verses about Jesus asking Peter who should pay taxes? Coincidence? Or was it God telling me, then and now, that those required to pay taxes should do so?
It is never easy to pay our taxes, especially when we are not sure that we really should be paying such taxes. But Jesus was sure He shouldn’t be paying taxes. He knew He was a “subject” not of this world, but of the Kingdom of God. Yet He instructed Peter to pay their taxes. But, take note: Jesus made a miracle to produce the tax payment — apparently to prove what His citizenship really was.
Well, we lesser mortals can’t always have miracles, can we? On second thought, if God helped me write this piece, couldn’t He help me pay my taxes? Cynthia Santiago (boses2go@gmail.com)
Have faith and pray for a miracle during tax payment time!

Lord, I praise You as a God of Wonders, in all my circumstances.

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