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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Daily Bible Reflections

August 23, 2011

Not as trying to please men, but rather God who judges our hearts. – 1 Thessalonians 2:4

“Bro. Danny, you cannot tell us to stop chewing betel nut because this has been our custom.”
A man was sharing his thoughts after the teaching I gave on “witnessing.”
In this foreign city where I work, the government has banned the selling and chewing of betel nut in public places. Chewing this nut is the favorite vice of majority of the population, much more popular than smoking. In my talk, I said that as Christians, we should obey authorities (Romans 13:1), and this includes obeying the laws they implement.
As a lay preacher, sometimes it crosses my mind not to speak words that my listeners might find “radical.” That afternoon was no different: The Spirit led me to speak against the chewing of the nut, to obey the laws and to be a good witness for Christ.
After the man stood in front to speak his mind, I took the floor again and said, “Yes, we are citizens of this country. We know its customs. But more than these, we are citizens of the Kingdom.”
This drew thunderous applause from the congregation.
I would rather please God, than men. Danny Tariman (danny@dtariman.com)
Have you passed up doing something right because you are afraid it might displease others?

Lord, I am sorry for the times that I have not stood up for You. Please give me strength to witness for You even in the most difficult situation.

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