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Friday, December 7, 2012

Daily Bible Reflections - December 7,2012

Two blind men followed [Jesus]. – Matthew 9:27
In college, I volunteered to teach a blind class in a school for special children. The students there were some of the happiest people I have ever met. As soon as I entered the classroom, a student would greet me, “Long time no see, Ma’am!” And another would say, “Gumaganda po tayo, ah” (You’re getting prettier). Being blind didn’t stop them from being happy. Instead, it gave them a better appreciation of themselves and even indulged in humor.
Having been around blind people, today’s Gospel left me with some questions. How can it be physically possible for two blind men to follow Jesus? How could they find their way? Did Jesus have a special scent that allowed them to track Him? Maybe they had a guide. Or ropes tied to their waists that were latched on to Jesus. Or, just maybe, their blindness allowed them to ignore the distractions of physical beauty and gave them the chance to clearly see Jesus’ healing power.
And there they found true joy. Pepper Bruce (pepper.bruce@gmail.com)
Am I distracted by my studies, my work, by the things that I want to have, that I lose track of Jesus and forget that He is the source of my happiness?
Dear God, please make me blind to worldly distractions and allow me to focus on Your great love.
St. Ambrose, bishop and doctor of the Church,pray for us.

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