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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Daily Bible Reflections _ December 6,2012

more than Phoenix
“Everyone who listens to these words of mine and acts on them will be like a wise man who built his house on rock.” – Matthew 7:24
Seventeen days after a mine collapsed in Chile, rescuers were surprised to see a note attached to their drill bit with the words “Estamos bien en el refugio los 33” (“We are alright in the shelter, the 33 [of us]”).The eventual rescue of all the miners trapped 2,300 feet below ground and who survived underground for a record 69 days became a worldwide media event.
The capsule that they used to bring up the men from the bowels of the earth was  called the Phoenix. It was constructed by the Chilean Navy with design help from NASA. It had retractable wheels, oxygen supply, lighting, video and voice communications, and an escape hatch. The world gave a collective sigh of relief each time the capsule emerged with a rescued miner in it.
All of us need to be rescued. We may not feel like we’re caught in the bowels of the earth but sometimes we aren’t even aware that we need to be rescued. If we choose to listen to the Lord and His Word, we will be heeding more than the Chilean Navy, or even NASA. We will be following the Truth Himself. We will be listening to Wisdom Himself. We will be listening to Life Himself. Joy Sosoban (jsosoban@gmail.com)
Are you too comfortable with your world that you don’t think you need the Lord?
Lord, forgive me if I have not listened to Your Word. I will do so now.
St. Nicholas, bishop, pray for us.

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