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Friday, December 28, 2012

Daily Bible Reflections - December 28,2012

Feast of the Holy Innocents
God is light, and there is no darkness at all in Him. – 1 John 1:5
It’s been fifty-something years ago, but up until today, I can still vividly remember what our Ma’am Belen taught us in our Catechism classes. We have to behave always and be good children of God, to obey our parents, to follow the Ten Commandments, to be prayerful and to always turn to God for guidance, especially in times of troubles and indecisions. For He is the “Light in the dark.”
Truly, there are things that just never change despite the passage of time.
Now that we are parents ourselves, we pass on these teachings to our children. We stress about God being the “Light in the dark,” that He is there for us at all times just waiting for us to call on Him.Dr. Henry L. Yu (henrio_md@yahoo.com)
God lights our path whenever it is dark and we could not see and find our way.
Father, admonish us when we stray. Be our guide always. Where there is darkness, be our Light.
Holy Innocents, pray for us.

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