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Monday, December 10, 2012

Daily Bible Reflections - December 10,2012

Simple Christmas Joy
“Strengthen the hands that are feeble, make firm the knees that are weak.” – Isaiah 35:3
From Paete, Laguna, we stopped by a small hut on the road to buy native corn. The woman who was selling was also cooking dinner for her family, which included her aging father. I noticed that it was a very modest dinner or, more accurately, there was nothing much that she was cooking. So we decided to buy all the remaining corn she had for sale. My husband, also moved by what we saw, handed a little amount of money to the father.
There was rejoicing inside that impoverished hut, the old father tearfully commenting that Christmas had come early.
Later on, in Pagsanjan, we looked for a 75-year-old woman whom we used to see almost every week on our way to our outreach years ago. When we found her, she broke into a bright, joyful smile upon recognizing us.
Sharing blessings may not cost us much, but it means a lot to simple people. On that first Christmas day, Jesus came and shared in our humanity. His birth was a simple event that took place among simple people, but the course of humanity changed forever because of that divine sharing. Donna España (donna.espana@yahoo.com)
Have you discovered joy with the simple people around you? Be a joybearer!
Lord, help me to bring joy and glad tidings to those who are oppressed.
St. John Roberts, priest and maryr, pray for us.

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