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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

You can’t be blessed apart from God, for all blessings come from Him - Daily Bible Reflections December 2,2015

“… I do not want to send them away hungry, for fear they may collapse on the way.” – Matthew15:32
       When I was a teenager, I had this technique to get extra allowance for my occasional gimmicks. I call it “abiding presence.” One week before my scheduled gimmick, I would already ask for extra money. Mom would always say, “If you want to have money, save up the whole week.” But we both knew that even if I skip meals in school, I wouldn’t be able to save enough.
       What I’d do is stay by Mom’s side all throughout the week. I’d help her with the household chores, plus… I’d pluck her white hair! At the end of the week, before I leave for my gimmick, my mom would hand me extra money. It never failed!
       Why did it work? Was it because of my presence and services? No! It only worked because my mom is compassionate.
       It’s the same thing with our lives. If we remain in the abiding presence of God, we will never go empty-handed. Blessings abound. Our hands are filled not because we remain in Him.
       We lack nothing because He is compassionate. He won’t let us go empty-handed. Velden Lim (veldenlim@gmail.com)
Reflection: You can’t be blessed apart from God, for all blessings come from Him.
Lord, thank You for Your unending compassion. Everything I have is because of Your mercy.
Blessed Rafael Chylinski, pray for us.

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