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Thursday, December 17, 2015

If dogs have papers to prove their pedigree, then we have the Bible to support our lineage, too - Daily Bible Reflections December 17,2015

Jacob the father of Joseph, the husband of Mary. Of her was born Jesus who is called Christ. – Matthew 1:16
       My friend belongs to one of the well-known, affluent clans in their province. Her mom is like a living genealogy book. She practically knows everyone’s lineage all the way up to their forefathers! Not only does she know the branches of their huge family tree, she also knows all the stories surrounding each family, including their hidden secrets and mysteries. That seems to be the culture then where everyone knows everyone and everything that’s happening in their town.
       So when my friend was going to get married, the first question her mom asked was his pedigree, as if my friend was buying a dog. Her mom needed to know if her daughter was going to marry into a buena familia (good family).
       No matter how boring today’s Gospel reading may be, genealogy is significant for any culture. It establishes the identity of a person, his “belongingness.” For us Christians, it reveals that not everyone in Jesus’ lineage was from a buena familia. It wasn’t a prerequisite in producing the Messiah.
       This shows that there are no hopeless cases or rejects with God. No matter what your past is, God can always turn it around and produce something amazing! Ronna Ledesma (ronna_ledesma@yahoo.com.ph)
Reflection: If dogs have papers to prove their pedigree, then we have the Bible to support our lineage, too.
Abba Father, thank You for my papers that proves that I am Your daughter.
St. Lazarus, pray for us.

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