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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Jesus is there at the Blessed Sacrament. Have you visited Him lately? - Daily Bible Reflections December 9, 2015

“Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble of heart…” – Matthew 11:29
       I was on my way to my next appointment, already feeling tired and exhausted, when I saw a little child reaching out her arms to me. I stopped, squatted to her height and allowed her to hug me. At that instant, all the stress of my day melted away. I didn’t know who that little angel was but I remember her to this day.
       I now understand why parents say that their weariness fades after a hard day’s work when they come home and see their kids.
       It’s the same experience I feel whenever I visit the Blessed Sacrament. I find Jesus hidden there behind the thin wafer of the Host. He comes to us humble and meek, ready to embrace us. He is vulnerable to us. We can either hug Him back or reject His love. But how He longs to give us much needed rest. He wants to spend time with us, to listen to our problems and to counsel us, to bind our wounds. He wants to teach us what little children know — not to be afraid and to trust God.
       Our humble Savior comes to us as a Child, reminding us that no matter how old we grow, we will always be His Father’s children. We can rest in His love and presence. Marjorie Ann Duterte (marjorie.travels@gmail.com)
Reflection: Jesus is there at the Blessed Sacrament. Have you visited Him lately?
Dear Jesus, bless and protect the little children in the womb and in the world, they reveal Your gentle heart to us. Take care of Your children, Lord. Amen.
St. Juan Diego, pray for us.

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