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Friday, July 4, 2014

Minister to the lost. Dance with them, Jesus style! - Daily Bible Reflections July 4,2014

“I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” – Matthew 9:13
During the Christmas season of 2012, in every party I attended, people gyrated with the year’s dance craze, Gangnam Style popularized by Korean pop sensation, Psy.
       Oppa is Korean for “older brother,” now being used by girls as a term of endearment for their boyfriends. Gangnam refers to a party place in Seoul frequented by the wealthy. Psy’s dance makes fun of the rich by spoofing horseback riding, their favorite pastime — apparently a ridicule of Korea’s class system.
       To be “in”, I danced along with my friends — doing the silly horseback riding steps to the tune of the upbeat Gangnam music.
       I felt, yes, like a psycho, making a fool of myself. But I made my friends laugh, so I guess it was well worth it.
       Reading the Gospel today, I realize that’s what Jesus did when He had dinner at Matthew’s house. The Son of God made a fool of Himself — just to win Matthew’s heart, that He may turn this sinner into His disciple.
       Sometimes, our efforts to evangelize will require us to do things that the world might consider foolish. But if we can do silly things for fun’s sake, then all the more we should not be afraid to do “foolish” things for the Lord. After all, that’s what Jesus did for you and me. Chay Santiago (cusantiago@gmail.com)
Reflection: Minister to the lost. Dance with them, Jesus style!
Lord, may I be worthy of Your unconditional love — every day, every moment of my life!
St. Elizabeth of Portugal, pray for us.

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