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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Look back at the past trials that you have overcome. What did you learn from them? - Daily Bible Reflections August 25,2013


Endure your trials as “discipline;” God treats you as sons. For what “son” is there whom his father does not discipline? – Hebrews 12:7
My good friend and radio program co-host, Tita Jovie, lives a life that is full of trials. If I thought my life was a soap opera, hers is the longest running prime time teleserye.
       Her journey from childhood to grandmotherhood has been a nasty roller coaster ride. I wish I could narrate her entire life story here, but trust me when I say that it’s one big tearjerker.
       Tita Jovie always says there’s a hidden blessing in every trial that comes her way, so much so that she accepts them with open arms.
       Her saintly ways inspire me to search for the blessings in my own share of trials. What’s in it for me, Lord? I would find myself asking. And I guess my burdens grow lighter when I acknowledge that God is teaching me a good lesson, or that He’s molding me into a stronger and better person.
       If you’re carrying a heavy burden today, trust that there is something to learn from it. When the tears in your eyes have dried, you will clearly see the blessing. Besides, He never gives us something we cannot handle, right? Nova Arias-Sevilla (nova.svp@gmail.com)
Reflection: Look back at the past trials that you have overcome. What did you learn from them?
Lord Jesus, help me to see the blessing in every difficulty and the lesson in every activity under the heavens.
St. Louis of France, pray for us.

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