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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Daily Bilble Reflections - March 26,2013

Holy Tuesday


“I will make you a light to the nations, that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth.” – Isaiah 49:6
I once rode a yacht to Batangas. When we were far out at sea, I happened to glance backward and noticed that our boat had created a huge wake in the shape of a letter V. I can imagine that from the top view the waves had already probably stretched very far from their origin.
Using the ripple effect theory and the principle of inertia, if there were no loss of momentum and no friction of atoms, those waves would keep going on and on and until they reach the other side of the globe — maybe even go full circle.
The prophet Isaiah is telling us that God wants us to become His light to the nations so that His salvation will reach the ends of the earth. I believe this is possible simply through our loving acts. When we perform a loving act to someone, it compels that person to love as well — because love begets love. And when that person performs a loving act to another, that other person in turn is encouraged to do the same to another. Just like a ripple effect, the small act of kindness you do can create a wave of love that goes far beyond our reach. For all you know, your loving act may have already reached halfway across the globe. George Tolentino Gabriel (george.svp@gmail.com)
Reflection: When was the last time someone made you feel loved? When was the last time you performed a loving act?
Lord, may I never cease doing good and loving others. Use me to create ripples and waves of love.
Blessed Didacus of Cadiz, pray for us.

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