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Monday, October 17, 2011

Daily Bible Reflections

October 16, 2011
winning the battle

“I am the Lord; there is no other god. I will give you the strength you need, although you do not know me.” – Isaiah 45:5

GP was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2005.
He was a young professional, single and living a worry-free life at that time. Everything was on the right track until he got the bad news from his doctor.
The news did not shock him. GP knew the fatal consequences of his illness. He did not have the financial resources to fight this battle. He also did not want his mother to know about his condition because of her heart condition.
But he was not afraid because he knew one thing. He knew that God will give him the strength for the battle. And God did not fail him. Through his friends in community, he was able to find the right doctor. His friends worked together to help him raise the funds for the procedure.
He underwent operation and was declared cancer-free seven months later. GP is now married and has a son. His battle cry is “whatever does not kill you will make you stronger.” Truly God has given him the strength to win the battle with cancer! Alvin Fabella (alvinfabella@yahoo.com)
When you’re facing trials, turn to Jesus for strength and victory.

Lord, I am facing a lot of battles in various aspects of my life. I recognize my weakness and I pray to You, give me the strength to win over these battles. Amen.

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