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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Daily Bible Reflections

October 1, 2011
Memorial of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, Virgin and Doctor of the Church


As your hearts have been disposed to stray from God, turn now ten times the more to seek him… – Baruch 4:28

I’m a legendary artist. (Ahem.) I’ve produced legendary artwork. So legendary, in fact, that no one remembers them. Michelangelo used paint. Leonardo da Vinci used charcoal. Me? I use my sons’ magic sketchpad.
I love this toy. My boys and I would sit on the couch and doodle for hours. Together, we’ve drawn thousands of sketches. Here’s why I love this toy. When I make a mistake, I don’t get angry. I don’t curse myself. I don’t condemn myself. I simply pull the eraser button and draw again. Which is what we’re supposed to do in life.
I’ve met some people who think that just because they’ve made mistakes, God won’t bless them anymore. Hey, we’ve all made mistakes. Perhaps you gave yourself to addictions. Perhaps you married the wrong person. Perhaps you made poor financial decisions.
Friend, your future is brighter than your past. How do I know? Because God’s plan is bigger than your mistakes. He has a giant magic sketchpad. All He has to do is pull the eraser button and draw new plans again! Bo Sanchez (bosanchez@kerygmafamily.com)
Feeling hopeless because you made big mistakes in your life? God has better plans for you. Seek Him again.

Lord, strengthen my hope in You.

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