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Friday, April 3, 2015

“He took the fall and thought of you above all.” (from the song “Above All”) - Daily Bible Reflections April 3,2015

“For this I was born and for this I came into the world…” – John 18:37
       Woah! When I found out that today’s reflection was assigned to me, I was a bit overwhelmed with the responsibility of reflecting on probably the second most important event in our faith-history next to the Resurrection — Christ’s death. So, with self-imposed pressure, I started pulling out books, researching, reading, and thinking deeply for hours, but to no avail. I was still stumped on what to write.
      Then, as if to shame me lovingly for my complicated, concerted efforts, Jesus whispered to me these two simple words that I believe sum up all that He wanted to communicate by His ghastly ordeal on Calvary. He simply said, “FOR YOU.”    Those two words described the ultimate purpose and beneficiary of His gruesome death. Those two words consumed Him on His way to Calvary that included several suffering-filled sidetrips. Those two words convinced Him that it was all worth it.
       Arrested for you. Mocked for you. Spat on for you.
       Scourged for you. Crowned with thorns for you. Humiliated for you.
       Crucified for you. Pierced for you. Died for you.
       All because He loves you. Mike Viñas (mikemichaelfcv@yahoo.com)
Reflection: “He took the fall and thought of you above all.” (from the song “Above All”)
Jesus, thank You for dying for me. Now, I live for You.
St. Benedict the African, pray for us.

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