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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Do you help and pull others up, or push and keep others down? - Daily Bible Reflections April 8,2015

Then Peter took him by the right hand and raised him up, and immediately his feet and ankles grew strong. – Acts 3:7
        He seemed like he had some bottled-up personal issues. I listened as he opened up his concerns and frustrations, even if we didn’t know each other well. In turn, I shared my experiences with him, introduced him to a mentor and to a group who may be able to help him.
       Months later, he sent me a message telling me that he was doing loads better. He thanked me profusely, saying how big a help I was and how his newfound friends were such a blessing to him. I think I didn’t do anything extraordinary. But for this person, it meant a lot.
       How many times do we brush off listening to people who ask us for help or advice? How often do we make light of the problems of others and even make it worse by joking about them?
       Offer your right hand just as Peter did. Raise others up instead of putting them down. It might be exactly the help they need to live a life for the Lord. Jun Asis (mabuting.balita@gmail.com)
Reflection: Do you help and pull others up, or push and keep others down?
Lord, give me the grace to be Your Hand that helps, raises and cares for the people I encounter today.
St. Julie Billiart, pray for us.

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