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Thursday, November 28, 2013

What signs have God been sending you recently? - Daily Bible Reflections November 28,2013


“But when these signs begin to happen, stand erect and raise your heads because your redemption is at hand.” – Luke 21:28
Wise words from the old American West read, “If somebody calls you a horse’s rear, ignore it. If two people call you a horse’s rear, look in the mirror. If three people call you a horse’s rear, buy a saddle.”
       God, by His grace, sends “signs” to call our attention. He doesn’t necessarily use falling constellations, or the splitting of mountains in the middle, or an apparition in the grotto, but simple reminders from people you love.
       If three of your respected and trusted loved ones say, “You’ve been workaholic and you need to give time to your kids” — buy a saddle. If another three of their kind say, “You’re neglecting your husband” — buy a saddle. If they say, “Get serious about your financial life” — buy a saddle. If they say, “You’ve been failing and you need to get serious with your studies” — buy a saddle.
       Advent means “more of Jesus’ victory coming into your life” this season. He may be sending signs. It’s never      usually the dramatic or the headline kind, but it’s convicting nevertheless. So rejoice, for “redemption is near” in that specific area of your life. Obey Him. Work and pray hard. Your miracle is coming! Jon Escoto (faithatworkjon@gmail.com)
Reflection: What signs have God been sending you recently?
Jesus, I need more of You in the areas of my life that need breakthroughs. Let me be sensitive to Your “signs.”
St. James of Marche, pray for us.

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