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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Daily Bible Reflections

June 27, 2011

A scribe approached and said to him, “Teacher, I will follow you wherever you go.” Jesus answered him, “Foxes have dens and birds of the sky have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to rest his head.” – Matthew 8:19-20

In computer programming, there is a procedure known as the “IF-THEN-ELSE” statement. For example, you have a program that asks: “What is 1 + 1?” The answer can be programmed like this:
IF answer = 2, THEN display message “Correct!”
ELSE display message “Incorrect.”
Many of us are programmed with the IF-THEN-ELSE statement.
IF our lives are OK, THEN we take time to pray and put our faith in God. ELSE, we forget about praying and relying on God and go our own way.
IF serving is easy, THEN we serve. ELSE, we say no, I’m busy.
IF somebody is watching us, THEN we do the right thing. ELSE, we try to get away with the wrong thing.
But we can change our programming with God’s grace and mercy. When faced with uncertainties and temptations, just say this popular teen expression: WHATEVER!
Whatever the conditions, follow God. Jun Asis (mabuting.balita@gmail.com)
Is my obedience to God dependent on feelings and circumstances?

Dear Lord, I will follow You whatever the circumstances may be. Whether the way is easy or hard, I will rely on You alone. Amen.

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