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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spared from destruction

But Noah found favor with the Lord. – Genesis 6:8

A few weeks before that fateful day when Typhoon Ondoy came, I had a dream that our house was flooded almost up to the second floor. That vision put me on guard, leading me to say a deliverance prayer and be reassured of God’s protection.
When Ondoy came, I guarded my heart against worry. My husband and I were giving a seminar then. Despite the news of city-wide flooding and standstill traffic, we didn’t cut short the seminar, which was a preparation for a more important spiritual event — a Light of Jesus Encounter. Instead of panicking, we led our seminar participants to prayer. Our collective prayers brought hope despite the gravity of the situation and our seeming helplessness.
When we reached home, we found our properties spared from excessive damage and the floodwaters not as deep as I had dreamt. We even got unexpected help from a cousin who supervised the efficientevacuation of our things. We believed that God granted similar blessings to those in our seminar.
As He did with Noah who obeyed His commands, God spared us from the destructive waters of the typhoon.Donna España (donna.espana@yahoo.com)

“Faith gives to men on earth the protection of the God of heaven.” (Charles H. Spurgeon)

Lord, I thank You for teaching me to trust in You in any situation that I encounter. Because of Your love for me, I feel blessed.

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