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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Whatever bothers you today, you can entrust them all to God - Daily Bible Reflections June 20,2015

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat (or drink), or about your body, what you will wear.” – Matthew 6:25
         George Muller runs a three-story orphanage building. He echoes three things that God promised these orphans: warm beds, clean clothes and hot meals.
       One noon, with nothing to feed the children with, he asked, “Children, have you had your hot meal today?” They said, “No.”
       “Well,” Muller continued, “there isn’t any food in the orphanage. So let’s thank God for the food He is going to provide.” George bowed his head, “Lord, thank You for the hot meal that you will set before us now. Amen.”
       Then a knock came at the door. Someone who looked like a driver said to him, “My truck has just broken down on the road not far from here. It’s filled with meat pies for delivery.
       I don’t think these pies will make it to its original destination. It’s a shame to let them go to waste. They’re still hot. Would you like them?”
       Muller replied, “Truly, the Lord does not let the righteous go hungry.” The driver didn’t quite get what he meant, but the kids did.
       Friend, God hasn’t failed anyone, and He is unwilling to make you the first yet. Jon Escoto (faithatworkjon@gmail.com)
Reflection: Whatever bothers you today, you can entrust them all to God.
Lord, I did everything I had to do. I trust that You’ll do Your part. I surrender all to You.
St. Paulinus of Nola, pray for us.

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